Choose cabinetry that fits your every need

No matter what type of cabinetry you need, you’ll find products that feel as if they were made just for you. You’ll find options that work for beauty, performance, and lifespan, to name just a few great benefits. But diving into the specifics that fit your needs is the best way to find the perfect products and services.

If you’ve never shopped for cabinets, you should know it’s worth your time to do some research before you shop. You’ll understand your options and have access to plenty of materials while deciding your direction. Take time to learn more about what could work best for your cabinetry needs.

Kitchen cabinets that set the mood

Your cabinets do a tremendous job in the kitchen, covering more than one role at a time. They're helpful for storage capacity and stand up to daily use and wear. But they also play a massive role in your décor scheme, with materials, colors, and styles that work well.

We will review every possible detail concerning your cabinets' functionality and use. Finding features that best match your needs is how we ensure complete satisfaction with any remodel. So, take time to list your most essential requirements for your kitchen cabinets, and we’ll make sure you find them.

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Bathroom cabinets matter too

In the bathroom, cabinets are just as essential and cater to many of your needs in the kitchen. Again, storage and style are very similar, but you may need materials that are a bit more durable for this area. In addition, the humidity can be much higher, which means water-resistant or waterproof materials might best serve you in this area.

Let our associates know if you have specific preferences for this room, especially with existing décor. For example, searching for the perfect bathroom vanity is easier when you know more about what you need most. If you're unsure, let us know as much as possible, and we'll take care of the rest.
Cabinetry in Myrtle Beach from Flooring Panda

Find your cabinetry here in our showroom

Flooring Panda is a great place to find the perfect materials for your kitchen and bathroom for any size remodel. We have showrooms in Conway, SC, and Shallotte, NC, that allow us to provide cabinetry to residents in and around Myrtle Beach, Conway, Georgetown, Ocean Isle, && Holden Beach. Please stop by our showroom any time you're in the area for a detailed consultation on your upcoming remodel.